Wheel alignment on a commercial vehicle is vital for the life expectancy and longevity of tyres. Poor alignment is one of the leading causes of irregular and premature wear of tyre. Although other possible factors such as the lack of tyre rotations and tyre balancing can lead to premature wear , most often adjustments can be made to the alignment of a vehicle to prevent premature wear of tyres. Abnormal driving conditions, such as driving on dirt or potholed roads, can intensify the problem and necessitate the need for frequent alignment checks and adjustments. There are few steps to identify whether your car need an alignment service. Inspecting the tread wear of each tyre is also important. An off-center steering wheel is a good indication that the wheels are not aligned. A vehicle that pulls to one side when you let go of the steering wheel or always has to be corrected is another sign of the need for an alignment.


Tyres must be in balance to operate at its optimum. This is why wheels are placed on a balancing machine and weights added to the rim before a tyre is installed on a vehicle. This ensures that everything is in balance. Out-of- balance wheels make for an unpleasant driving experience in a number of ways. Vibration is the sign most often noticed when a vehicle has unbalanced tyres. Once the balance is disturbed, a vibration will start to travel through the chassis of the car and into the cabin. If the front tyres are not balanced properly, most of the vibration and movement will be felt in your hands on the steering wheel. It also leads that area of the tire to wear out more quickly. Compounding the problem is that the worn portions of the tire become weaker over time yet take the hardest pounding. Unbalanced tires with uneven wear are at a higher risk of going flat.

Air pressure maintenance

Having the correct air pressure in the steer and drive tyre can help to extend the longevity of the tyre. It is also helps to give the vehicle an optimum mileage and provide a safe journey for the drivers. Underinflating or overinflating the tyres will cause premature wear and higher risk of a burst tyre.

Fleet management

If you have a fleet of 2 or 1000, registering your vehicle with us can help you save time and money by optimizing your tyre mileage – cost per kilometer. Tyres can be expensive if not maintained by professionals. By registering with us, you can always check your vehicle history.

Breakdown Assistance

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